Elena Cooke Education Fund Awards Scholarships to KBU Students

Signing on 9-5-2014

At the signing ceremony (from left to right) : Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim (Director, BAB), Ms Moey Yoke Lai (Chairman, BAB), Mok Jia Huai, Lee Yin Sim, Dr Chee Choong Kooi (Principal, KBU) and Ms Ng Swee Lin (Registrar, KBU)

On 9th May 2014, the Elena Cooke Education Fund awarded scholarships to two students who will be commencing their diploma programs with KBU International College.  These scholarships will cover expenses for books, accommodation, food and other necessities. Lee Yin Sim, who will pursue a Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism, has also been granted a scholarship by The Sun – Mapcu Higher Education Scholarship Fund, whilst Mok Jia Huai, who will be studying for a Diploma in Mass Communications, has also been granted a scholarship by the Nanyang Education Fund.  These latter-mentioned scholarships will cover their tuition fees.

The Elena Cooke Education Fund emphasizes on giving a helping hand to disadvantaged and financially needy young people, to empower them for life.

Lee Yin Sim was raised by her maternal grandparents from the time she was a baby, after her parents separated.  An older brother lives in a care centre that cares for the mentally challenged.

Mok Jia Huai, whose mother has passed away, has lived in a children’s home since she was 8 years old.  She aspires to be a “successful journalist” so that she can “write articles that inspire others to support the poor and needy”.

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