Two Elena Cooke Education Fund scholars Graduated

The Sun newspaper on August 21, 2015 published lists of the 2015 graduands of Methodist College Kuala Lumpur. Included were the names of two Elena Cooke Education Fund scholars :

Deborah's class

Deborah is in the front row, second from the right

1. Deborah Cheong Sok Jing, who obtained her Diploma in Early Childhood Education

2. Olivia Francis, who has completed her Certified Accounting Technician course and is now pursuing the ACCA course in MCKL with assistance from an AMCORP Study Grant.
We congratulate both of them and wish them God’s blessings as they begin a new chapter in their lives.
You can also spot Deborah proudly wearing her robe, in this photo of her Diploma in Early Childhood Education graduating class. Not bad for a girl from a children’s home who once did badly in school and had no direction in life!


Sun newspaper (21-8-2015) Deborah Cheong & Olivia Francis

theSun Paper on 21 August 2015

theSun-ePaper (21-8-2015)





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