ECEF Scholar Thank You Notes


Nur Khairunniza’s Thank You Note

Lively Nur Khairunniza bte Slamet Purwanto will be completing her stint at the Universiti Utara Malaysia, where she has been studying for the last 4 years for her Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) degree with the help of a scholarship from the Elena Cooke Education Fund. She informed us recently that she has been offered a place in UUM to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management.




Reproduced below is the email she sent ECEF:

Dear Elena Cooke Education Team,

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement throughout this process, I really appreciate it and feel blessed. Your financial and moral support are really helpful for me to complete my degree level, it mean too much for me. My family and I are really grateful for your kindness. Next, I am going to do to my master’s level in Human Resource Management very soon. Thank you again for being with me through out my journey, keep me motivated to do more in my future. I am very lucky to meet your team. I wish later we can meet again and do our social project like we use to do before. May God bless your team and everybody which support Elena Cooke Education Fund. Before that I would like to share my latest pictures during internship and now. A million thanks to you, stay safe and Happy Hari Raya 🙂

Gratefully yours,

Nur Khairunniza

Nicole Chin’s Thank You Note:

Nicole Chin is yet another Elena Cooke Education Fund scholar who has just finished her course in Sunway and has sent us a Thank You note. From Johore, Nicole  chose to pursue a diploma in IT, and found it very much up her alley.  She scored a  final CGPA of 3.88 and is currently interning (working from home) at an IT company as a Junior Web Designer.  She hopes to start her degree in IT course in Sunway in January, but has yet to secure a scholarship for her tuition fees.

Attached is a photo of Nicole with her dad and younger sister (the one wearing glasses).  Nicole’s mum passed away  when she was very young, so the two little girls were looked after by their grandmother/div>

As a recipient of ECEF-Sunway Scholarship, I was always thankful towards the BBGS Community for guiding students like myself and others in our education. Life was tough after my grandma passed away when I was 14, seeing my dad struggle to pay for my sister’s education fees. I was considering giving up on my dream to further my studies and work to reduce my dad’s financial burden. Because of this scholarship, my dream has become a reality by being a diploma graduate from Sunway University.

The ECEF-Sunway Scholarship gave me an opportunity to earn skills that will serve the community following graduation.

The ECEF-Sunway Scholarship gave me an opportunity to earn skills that will serve the community following graduation.

Working as a student helper in the Sunway Diploma Studies Department, I enjoyed welcoming new students to our campus by helping out on steps necessary to complete admission and financial aid forms correctly. I hope to be able to serve in a high position sometime in the future, where I might have even more of an ability to help unfortunate and less represented social groups.

My life as a Sunway student was a great experience. By being an active player, I participated in the Sunway Diploma Studies Sports Championship as a Captain Ball player during the first year of my diploma studies. Inspiring talks given by professional speakers were attended during my free time. I volunteered in an orphanage named Assunta Children Society this year by being a Sunway Student Volunteer.  The generosity of ECEF and Sunway has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. Thanks to ECEF and Sunway, I have met amazing people and made many friends throughout my diploma studies.

Once again, thank you for the vote of confidence and the help given. I am planning to continue pursuing my studies in IT to achieve my career goals as a professional worker in the IT field.

Tow Jia Li’s Thank You Note

Tow Jia Li is one of our Elena Cooke Education Fund scholars who started het Diploma in Accounting course in Sunway College in 2018. She has recently completed it with excellent results – a CGPA of 3.98. Throughout her 2 years, her CGPA was always 3.98-4.00.

Jia Li has sent ECEF a Thank You note.
I would like to convey my sincere gratitude towards ECEF-Sunway for granting me this scholarship so that I can further my study without burdening my family. Both of my parents already retired and they are suffering from health diseases, they are unable to afford and support me to further my study in higher education institutions as most of the money has been spent on medical expenses. Luckily I am given an opportunity by ECEF-Sunway and chosen as one of the recipients of this scholarship. ECEF-Sunway has sponsored me for two years studies in Diploma in Accounting and it also provides me with a living allowance which really reduces my parents’ burden.

During my college life, I have met many friends who come from different backgrounds. Their sharing of experience and knowledge have broadened my horizon and making friends with them has made my college life become more colourful and interesting. In these two years, I have learnt a lot of skills and gained precious experiences by joining various clubs and societies. I also become more confident and can express my thoughts more bravely in front of people compared to the past. Hence, without this scholarship, I will not have the chance to get higher education or even explore my potential. Once again, I want to give a huge “Thank You!” for giving me this opportunity and supporting me to pursue my dream.

As of now, I have completed my two years diploma programme and I am offered a scholarship by Sunway University to continue my study in Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. After I finish my study, I will work in the accounting industry for a few years while taking the professional papers simultaneously to improve my professional skills. When I have the ability, I would also like to help other people who are in need as the generosity of ECEF-Sunway has inspired me to help people around and contribute back to society.

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