ECEF 2015 Scholars


After the SPM results were released in early March 2015, we received a total of 192 applications for the Elena Cooke Education Fund scholarship, surpassing our 2014 tally (during the same period) of 149, despite the fact that we had lowered the household income threshold from RM50,000 in 2014 to RM36,000 in 2015.

The Selection Committee painstakingly perused and evaluated all the applications and did a magnificent job to shortlist 29 candidates for interview. Among the 29 were those with single mums or single dads. There were parents who were a part-time cleaner, a restaurant/coffee-shop worker, a technician, a driver, a carpenter, a night market vendor, a shop assistant, a factory worker, a labourer at a construction company, a clerk and a foreman. There were also applicants with OKU parents (a father who is bedridden and has to be tube-fed, a father with one arm missing, a deaf mother) and one with an OKU sibling.

The results of the interviews are out. We have chosen:

1. 3 who will be studying at Sunway College/Sunway University;
2. 2 who will be studying at KBU International College (they have in fact just started their courses);
3. 1 who will be studying at KDU University College (he has also just started);
4. 1 who is studying in Han Chiang College, Penang – partial scholarship;
5. 1 who is studying in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur – partial scholarship

These are the 2 girls who are studying at KBU International College:

Chia Hui & Shahrina

Shahrina (on the right) with Chia Hui

1. Shahrina binti Mohd Shafiq
Shahrina hails from Johor Baru. Her father is retired with no income, but with commitments to look after other family members; her mum has a half-day job as a clerk and also sells breakfast kuih. In her personal statement in her application form, Shahrina expressed that it was her dream career to be an interior designer, hence it is fitting that she is now studying for a Diploma in Interior Design at KBU.

2. Lee Chia Hui

Chia Hui

Lee Chia Hui

Chia Hui has spent the last few years of her life in a children’s home. In her personal statement in her application, she wrote : “I believe I deserve this scholarship because I choose to be grateful and I understand the significance of education. I have been staying in [name of the home] for a few years and I am truly grateful to them. … The course that I want to study is Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism. … Last but not least, if I get this scholarship, I will make the most out of it. I will do my best in my studies and after finishing the course, I will find a place to work for my future in order to achieve my goal. My goal is to work successfully and help the people who are in need.”

Now pursuing a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management at KBU, Chia Hui’s determination and interest in her course can be seen in the fact that after completing her SPM in 2013, she worked 10 months in 2014, of which 6 months were as an intern in a 5-star hotel in KL. She worked 10 – 12 hours daily, 5 days a week. Apparently she was the only intern who finished the 6-month contract – all the others dropped out.

We wish both girls all the best in their respective courses!

At the signing ceremony on 8-5-2015 (1)

At the signing ceremony on 8-5-2015. Left to right: Dolly Chan (Selection Committee, ECEF), Loke Ling Marn (Selection Committee, ECEF), Jennifer Cheong (Director, BBGS Alumni Bhd), Lee Chia Hui, Dr Chee (Principal, KBU), Shahrina, Shahrina’s mother and father, Mr Cheok (GM of the Children’s Home where Chia Hui was staying), Ms Ng (Registrar, KBU).


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