BBGS 125th Anniversary Dinner-Registration Closed!

Saturday 6th October 2018
HGH Convention Centre

In 2018, BBGS marks a truly special milestone. We celebrate 125 years of a heritage that epitomizes excellence, discipline and faith. We celebrate the women who have made a difference in the spheres they represent. We celebrate our tradition of giving, our friendships and the memories that we share. And in doing so, we continue to reach for a nobler, higher standard.


Our physical school may have been torn down, but we have rebuilt on the values and the ethos of BBGS through the Elena Cooke Education Fund.  The spirit of BBGS lives on in the lives of the young underprivileged scholars whom we assist with their education.  It has been five years since the launch of the ECEF, and to date, 33 young people have benefited from the Fund.  Their lives have been changed.  What we began is now taking root and we are encouraged by the success.  Each year we get over a hundred applicants, and we want to continue to help as many as we can.

So as we celebrate our 125 years, we honour our alma mater, our principals, teachers and all who came before us by supporting this stellar legacy of education through the Fund. We will lift high the banner to “Empower Today’s Youth for Life”.

Please do read more about the Elena Cooke Education Fund and the scholars we have assisted on  Their stories are an inspiration to everyone.

The 125th Anniversary Dinner is open to all BBGS girls, their families and friends, and all supporters of education who donate to the Elena Cooke Education Fund as set out below.


Those who donate to the Elena Cooke Education Fund as follows will be issued e-invitations to the dinner:

At least RM20,000 :  Platinum Plus Table

At least RM15,000  :   Platinum Table

At least RM10,000  :   Gold Table

At least RM5,000   :   Silver Table

At least RM2,500   :   Bronze Table

You may wish to gather your friends and make a joint donation, but only one person should make the booking of the table, so as to avoid confusion and multiple-bookings.

* Those who donate and book their tables before 1st January 2018 will receive a Surprise Star Gift! *

  1. Bookings must be made online – please go to Registration Closed!
  2. Please make payment direct to BBGS Alumni Berhad at Maybank Account # 5141-2316-6380 either before booking or within 3 days after booking, failing which the booking may be treated as cancelled.
  3. Thereafter, please scan the bank receipt and email it to giving us your name and your email address. If a joint donation is being made, all the donors who pay their portion of the donation must scan the bank receipt for their portion and email it to, quoting the name and email address of the person who made the online booking.
  4. You should receive an acknowledgment of your booking within 3 days. If you do not, please email us at
  5. E-Invitations will be issued to you in due course via your email address.
  6. Kindly direct all queries to

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