BBGS marks 125th anniversary (TheStar Feb 4)

IN 2018, the Bukit Bintang Girls’ School or BBGS marks a truly special milestone.

The alumni is celebrating its 125th anniversary of its founding.

“We celebrate the women who have made a diference in the spheres they represent. We celebrate our tradition of giving, our friendships and the memories that we share. And in doing so, we continue to reach for a nobler, higher standard.

“Our physical school may have been torn down, but we have rebuilt on the values and the ethos of BBGS through the Elena Cooke Education Fund (ECEF),” states the BBGS’ newsletter.

The spirit of BBGS lives on in the lives of the young underprivileged scholars who are assisted with their education. It has been five years since the launch of the ECEF, and to date, 32 young people have benefitted from the Fund. Their lives have been changed.

“What we began is now taking root and we are encouraged by the success. Each year we get more than 100 applicants, but available funds only allow us to help about six or seven; and we want to continue to help as many as we can.

“So. as we celebrate our 125 years, we honour our alma mater, our principals, teachers and all who came before us by supporting this stellar legacy of education through the Fund.

“We will lift high the banner to ‘Empower Today’s Youth for Life’,” states the newsletter.

The Elena Cooke Education Fund is managed by the BBGS Alumni Berhad, a company limited by guarantee set up and managed by ex-BBGS girls. Details of the board of directors and the selection committee (who vet and evaluate scholarship applications) are found on

BBGS Alumni Behard chairman Moey Yoke Lai says every year, many applicants who need financial help to continue their studies after SPM and STPM are turned away.

“If we have more funds, we can help more students and make a difference to more lives. We are embarking on another fundraising year. We have set ourselves an ambitious target for 2018 which is to raise RM1.25mil in conjunction with BBGS’125th anniversary,” she says.

The BBGS125 Organising Committee and the newly formed BBGS OGA Executive Committee are working towards rolling out an exciting calendar, culminating in a Gala Dinner on Oct 6 at Galaxy Hall, HGH Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

“For every RM1,000 donated, 1 Star will light up. We just need 1,250 Stars to light up the hopes and dreams of more young lives,” she says.

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