ECEF 2018 Scholars

Our 2018 ECEF Scholars

August 19th Update
The Elena Cooke Education Find has granted a scholarship to a 5th student (after the 4 who were granted scholarships earlier in May and July this year) – Tang Pui Teng. She has been accepted into the Universiti Malaysia Pahang to study for a degree in Industrial Biotechnology. Her course starts in September.Pui Teng’s parents divorced when she was only 6 years old, so her mum, with only Form 5 education, has had to raise her and her 2 older brother and sister all by herself. She now works as a cashier. Pui Teng studied hard and has performed reasonably well in her exams, being the only one of the 3 siblings to enter university.

Here are photos taken when Pui Teng signed the scholarship agreement recently.


Tang Pui Teng with Miss Moey Yoke Lai

Left to Right: Datin Noor Azimah Abd Rahim, Tang Pui Teng, Miss Moey Yoke Lai and Jennifer Cheong

July 31st Update

ECEF recently signed scholarship agreements with 2 girls for their studies in Sunway College. Nicole Chin, from Segamat, Johor, will be pursuing a Diploma in IT Information, whilst Tow Jia Li, from Puchong, will be pursuing a Diploma in Accounting.

Nicole lost her mum when she was only 3, after which she and her sister were cared for by their grannie while her father worked as a hawker in a food court, selling “Ikan Bakar”. Before her PT3 exams, her grannie passed away, and life then became harder for Nicole, but she persevered and did well in her studies, becoming one of the top students in her school with 10As in her SPM.

Jia Li is an only child. Her dad retired 10 years ago and her mum had to stop work in 2017 as a senior clerk due to severe arthritis and diabetes. The family at present has no income, depending only on her mum’s EPF. Jia Li was a good student, scoring 9As in her SPM. She hopes to become a professional accountant one day.

Here is a photo taken at the signing of the scholarship agreements.

Front row (L to R): Jia Li’s mum, Jia Li, Ms Moey Yoke Lai, Nicole, her dad, Ms Lim Lai Hong &
Back row (L to R):
Ms Jennifer Cheong, Datin Noor Azimah Abd Rahim

July 7th

After the SPM results were released in March this year, the Elena Cooke Education Fund invited applications for scholarships. By the closing date, we had received applications from 126 students. As usual, our minimum criteria were that each applicant must be a Malaysian, must have scored at least 3As in the SPM and the maximum household income is RM42,000 a year (RM3,500 a month).The Selection Committee, comprising 12 ex-BBGS girls, painstakingly perused and evaluated all the applications and did a magnificent job to shortlist 21 candidates for interview. This year, the parents of applicants included taxi drivers and lorry drivers, one was a mechanic, another, a fruit seller, and yet another, a hawker. There were single parents, parents who had serious illnesses, parents who were jobless, and there were some broken families.The interviews have been completed. However, as at today, not all the scholarships have been awarded as there are some applicants who are still awaiting the results of their applications to the Government universities. The scholarships that we have awarded so far are to 1 student to study in KDU University College, 1 to study in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and 2 to study in Sunway College.We recently signed the scholarship agreements with 2 students.
L to R: ECEF Committee members Datin Noor Azimah and Jennifer Cheong, Jienah’s mother,
Jienah, Chong En Han, ECEF Committee member Khoo Suat Pheng and Selection Committee
members Loke Ling Marn and Lee Kim Lian

We wish our students all the best in their respective courses.

1. Jienah Celestial a/p Palani

Jienah lives in Taiping with her mother and 2 siblings. Her father, a machine operator, passed away in 2016. Her mother is a Filipina (a permanent resident) who now cleans a church in Taiping.

Jienah has been given an Elena Cooke Education Fund scholarship to study for a Diploma in Communication & Media at KDU University College. This scholarship is structured in collaboration with KDU – KDU waives the tuition fees and some other general fees while ECEF gives allowances for living expenses, accommodation and book purchases.

In her personal statement in her application form, Jienah wrote: “Ever since my father died my mum struggled to make ends meet. It hurts me to see her still working. I want to repay her too but I only managed to get 5As. Nevertheless I won’t stop believing in myself because I know those grades won’t define who I truly am. We are all blessed with our own unique talents and we are supposed to use them wisely for the betterment of our nation. I deeply believe that my God-gifted talent has something to do with entertainment as that’s what’s making most people happy nowadays. That’s why I believe these courses I applied for is [sic] suitable for me. I hope whoever reads this knows how much I need this scholarship. This could be a ticket to forever change my life and my family’s.”

2. Chong En Han

En Han, from Batu Caves, is the youngest in the family and has 3 older sisters. His father suffered a stroke in 2014 and has been unable to work since then. The family now survives on his SOCSO payments and some contributions from 2 of En Han’s sisters who are employed. Eh Han scored 8As in the SPM and has gained entry into Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Setapak campus) to study for a Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting) – his end objective being to become an accountant with a ACCA qualification.

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