ECEF 2019 Scholar


For 2019, the Elena Cooke Education Fund shortlisted 14 students for interview after the Selection Committee had evaluated all the applications received.  The interviews having been completed, we have awarded scholarships to 3 students to study in Sunway College and 1 to study at Asia Pacific University (APU), whilst 2 other students have been awarded scholarships conditional upon their being offered places in government universities.

We recently signed the scholarship agreements with 2 students.


Lim Phang Chen

Phang Zhen lives in Subang Jaya with his mother and 2 siblings. His father passed away due to cancer when Phang Zhen was only 6.

Phang Zhen has chosen to study for a Diploma in Information & Communications Technology at APU as he has been fascinated by the computer since he was much younger. He told us that he aspires to be “one of those people that revolutionize the world with better creations” and hopes to “bring Malaysia forward into the technological era”. Phang Zhen has been given a partial scholarship from APU itself, hence the ECEF scholarship (consisting of a living allowance) will be a further aid to lessen his mum’s financial burden.








Phang Zhen with Miss Moey

Natasha Merissa Gomes

her parents and 2 younger siblings.  Her father was retrenched 3 years ago and has not been able to secure another job, probably due to his age.  So far, they have been surviving only on his EPF.  Natasha dreams of becoming a chartered accountant and has therefore applied to pursue the ACCA qualification in Sunway. In her Personal Statement, she wrote: “I am trying to be a better version of myself by learning, page by page and book by book and with an education, maybe the sky is not the limit. Maybe it’s far beyond, but only if I plant the tenacity to go further, maybe my dreams of becoming a Chief Financial Controller someday will be realized.”








Natasha with Miss Moey

Natasha Maya binti Chek Pa

Natasha Maya binti Chek Pa, from Sabah, will be studying for a Diploma in Communication in Sunway College. Her father passed away in 2015, and her mother does odd jobs and sells keropok/finger food. Her older brother, still only 26 years old, helps to support the family. For Natasha, the desire to support her family is a primary reason for her drive to succeed. She wrote about her mother: “There were countless days when she would eat the cheapest food imaginable just so that she could afford to pay for my tuition fees. I have experienced first hand how difficult life is for the less fortunate and wish to decrease the poverty rate in this country. Besides that, I also want to support my mother and let her live a comfortable life to repay her for all the sacrifices she has made for me.” Despite her circumstances, Natasha scored 9As in her SPM. She has been working as a sales assistant the last few months to earn more income



Ching Zhen Yi

Ching Zhen Yi’s father is a heavy-goods lorry driver who works in Trengganu, returning home to KL only once a month. His mum is unemployed. Zhen Yi is the middle child among 3 children in the family and has been working part-time since Form 4 as a promoter, cashier, waiter, barista and kitchen helper to reduce his family’s financial burden. He will be studying for a Diploma in Information Technology at Sunway College as he hopes to work in the field of cyber security, an area he is interested in and which he thinks has good potential for future employment. Although he did not achieve brilliant results in his SPM, he has promised to work hard in his course so as not to disappoint his parents and ECEF.



Goh Sing Joy

Goh Sing Joy’s parents divorced in 2008 and her mum has suffered from ill-health for some time, hence she has not been able to work for a number of years. Currently, they have been surviving on her mum’s EPF and her older brother’s contribution from his employment. Sing Joy has also helped out by working part-time (even in 2018 when she was still doing her STPM). Given a place in Universiti Sains Malaysia to study for a degree in Industrial Technology (Bioresource, Paper & Coatings), Sing Joy gratefully accepted the offer and is eager to venture into this area. We are sure that with her determination to work hard and work smart, as shown by her good academic record (8As in SPM, 1A and 3Bs in STPM), she will do well in her course.


 Tan Yu Ying

Tan Yu Ying   lives in Yong Peng, Johore, with her widowed mother.  Her father passed away in 2015 from cancer.  Yu Ying’s mum is not well educated and does not work, suffering from poor health herself, to the extent that she has been unable even to do household chores.   Currently, they rely largely on monthly payments from PERKESO.  Her two older brothers are unable to contribute much as they have their own financial constraints, with their own families and futures to plan for.   Yu Ying performed very well in her SPM and reasonably well in her STPM, scoring 1 A-, 2 B+ and 1 B-.  She has been accepted into Universiti Putra Malaysia to pursue a degree in Process & Food Engineering.  In a nutshell, this course is about transforming agricultural/biological materials into high quality food, pharmaceutical, and industrial materials.    Soft-spoken but hard-working and determined, Yu Ying has set her heart on doing well so as to gain a better life, and “to be respected and independent”.

Attached is a photo of Yu Ying when she met us recently to sign her Scholarship Agreement before going to UPM to commence her course.



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