ECEF Scholars’ Updates

Elena Cooke Education Fund Scholars’ Updates

Here are the updates on some of the recipients of the Elena Cooke Education Fund scholarships

Jonathan Phan’s Update (ECEF Scholar 2016)
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2019 Update #1:


As a follow-up to our recent posting, Jonathan Phan, our Elena Cooke Education Fund scholar at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, has informed us that he has received his final exam results and he will graduate with First Class Honours in his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (English for Professionals) degree.  Our heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan!  This will be our second ECEF scholar to achieve First Class Honours.

Glenna Tan’s Update (ECEF Scholar 2017)
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2019 Update #1:

Glenna, one of our 2017 Elena Cooke Education Fund scholars and doing Forensic Science in UKM, has been actively engaging in basketball tournaments.  She represented her faculty in the Inter-Faculty Basketball Tournament and represented UKM in the University Basketball League (being the captain of UKM’s women’s basketball team).

In addition, she was one of the facilitators for exchange students who visited UKM under the AIESEC student exchange program in UKM this year (AIESEC is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation for youth in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council).


Here are photos of Glenna in connection with her abovementioned activities.







Goh Sing Joy’s Update (ECEF Scholar 2019)
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2019 Update #1:

One of our 2019 Elena Cooke Education Fund scholars, Goh Sing Joy, is pursuing her diploma in Information Technology in TAR University College.  She lives at home in Ara Damansara and takes public transport all the way to TAR UC in Setapak.  One of her co-curricular activities in college is netball which she enjoys playing at least once a week.  Here is a photo of Sing Joy (in glasses) with a friend after their netball workout.




Tan Yu Ying’s Update (ECEF Scholar 2019)
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Update #1 (2019):

Tan Yu Ying, from Yong Peng in Johor, started her degree course in Engineering in Universiti Putra Malaysia in September.  She told us she has already made many friends and is enjoying university life.  Her course involves many projects and she has to use her laptop to access the educational materials which are posted online.  Take a look at Yu Ying with her new-found friends (she is in the back row, second from left).



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