Thank You Notes from Scholars

Thank You Note from ECEF Scholars
Thank You Note from Han Rusan:

To the Elena Cooke Education Fund,

My name is Han Rusan and I have just completed my Diploma in Early Childhood in Methodist College. I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Elena Cooke Education Fund for financially sponsoring my allowance throughout the course of two and the half years. I am truly grateful for your support and the opportunity that you have given me to study. I would also love to provide financial support in the future for future recipients who are in need.

My experience in this course had its ups and downs. Language was not a problem, but the subjects were tough and had challenging assignments that I had to work on. Furthermore, it really challenged my speaking skills and it made me to be a more confident person to prepare me to be a teacher as most of the assignments had presentations. Looking at the bright side, it taught me to think out of the box to come out with great ideas and to strive to do well.

What I learned in this course was far more than expected because they covered a wide range of other subjects. They do not only look at the aspect of teaching children, but also other things like what are the steps to open a kindergarten as a business. With that much knowledge that I have acquired, I know that it will prepare for me to apply it well in the future. As tough as the subjects were, the lecturers were really helpful and were always ready to help us. During my internships, I really learned a lot and it made me love children even more. It challenged what I learnt as I need to learn how to apply it in my teaching. It was stressful but I know that I am still growing as a teacher and everything that I have gone through is a learning process.

The college environment was not that stressful as the college itself had good
facilities, it was small and I could find my way around the school easily. People were friendly and easy going. Studying with my course mates who have the same passion for children made it easier for me to share my future goals and passion with them. However, of course working in teams was a challenge for me – to work well with others and to deal with different issues. Thankfully this did not deter me and I continued to push through.

Overall, I enjoyed this course as I am lucky to have chosen Methodist College as they are known for their Diploma in Early Childhood Education. They truly lived up to the expectation of the public as they really maintain the standards in terms of the quality of lecturing and also the grading. I have personally seen how dedicated and knowledgeable the lecturers are and how they are always available to help the students.

Yours sincerely,
Han Rusan

(We have just received this from Han Rusan – our first Orang Asli Elena Cooke Education Fund scholar, to whom we gave a scholarship in 2017 to study for a Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur.)

Thank You Note from Jonathan Phan:

To the Elena Cooke Education Fund,

In a blink of an eye, my journey of getting my first degree has almost come to an end, as I’m writing this right before my final exams. Sure, the journey was perilous and it may seem impossible at times, but it was all worth it. I got to meet new people, establish connections, make new friendships, and of course, take one more step in achieving my goal of being an English educator. As of now, I have already gotten a conditional offer to pursue my Masters here (same campus, same faculty) which I am going to accept, starting this coming September.

Thank you ECEF for giving me this opportunity and I am indebted to the organisation.

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Phan
(Jonathan Phan, our Elena Cooke Education Fund scholar pursuing his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (English for Professionals) degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, has just sat for his final exams, and has already received an offer to pursue his Master’s degree, having performed commendably during his 3 years there. He informed us that he is currently applying for scholarships, but if it doesn’t work out, he will apply for the university’s research assistant position. Another option is to apply for a PTPTN loan and work part-time as a tuition teacher if necessary. His convocation will be on 26th September 2019.

Jonathan with his aunt in Kuantan, whom he described as “the only true mother” he has and who has been supporting him as his parents are divorced.

Thank you Note from Mok Jia Huat:

Dear BBGS,

I would like to remember BBGS for helping to fund my tertiary education. I am so grateful towards all of your contributions. It was by far the best gift I received.

I just finished my internship with Essence Burson-Marsteller, a PR firm and I am officially done with my degree program.

Getting into KBU was a real blessing for me. I went there with enthusiasm in continuing my studies in a higher institution. I am blessed because not everyone gets the privilege to even step into college or university and for a long time I thought that would be the case for me. However, thanks to ECEF they made my dreams into a reality. I really enjoyed every single day of my college days.

With guidance from various individuals, I managed to jog through my Degree Program in IACT. It was the university of my dreams and I managed to get in and on top of that, I completed my degree! It was not all fun and games but it did make room for a lot of self growth and maturation. I would say it was rather a journey of self discovery and a wake up call to the reality of this world.

As of now, I am looking for jobs and managed to get a few offers. I realized I am not suited for office based admin work but rather people related jobs where it requires me to talk with people and close deals and etc.

ECEF has helped me in many ways that you can imagine. It was the stepping stone for my career. It gave me an unforgettable college experience, a roof over my head and sufficient allowance for my food.

Yours sincerely,
Jia Huat
(In 2014, Elena Cooke Education Fund gave scholarship to Mok Jia Huai (who had lived in a children’s home from the age of 8 years until after SPM) to pursue a 2-years Diploma in Mass Communications at First City University College (formerly known as KBU International College). After the diploma was completed in 2016, she was given a scholarship by IACT College to do a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Culture and Communication.)

Here are photos of Jia Huai – one photo taken at the signing of the Scholarship Agreement in 2014 (she is in the yellow T-shirt next to Ms Moey Yoke Lai) and the other photo of her now with her internship friends (she is on the extreme left). She is all grown-up!


Thank You Note from Chan Li Xuan:

Dear ECEF,

As a recipient of the Elena Cooke Education Fund scholarship in 2014, I want to thank you profoundly for granting me this scholarship and giving me support for my 4 years of studies.

I have just finished my internship in PETRONAS. As an Accounting major student, I plan to pursue a professional qualification while starting a career after graduating from the University of Malaya. Then I can take better care of my family.

My father is a tailor and was not able to afford my education and living expenses, with his limited income. By awarding me the ECEF scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden and allowed me to pursue quality studies and to focus more on the most important aspect of university life – learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope I will be able to help needy students achieve their goals in future just as you have helped me.

Li Xuan

(Li Xuan, who has just completed her studies for a degree in Accounting in the University of Malaya. Her convocation will be in October 2018)



A Thank You Note from Nurcassandra Nissa Binti Shanizal:


I will start my internship soon at Kiwitech Sdn. Bhd. and my internship period counts as Semester 5 which is my final semester as a diploma student. I am hoping to score a 4 flat in this semester to graduate with a 3.5++ CGPA, wish me luck 🙂

Studying at UMP was worthwhile and certainly a memorable experience. I’ve made amazing friends, met amazing people who more or less helped me grow as a person. At first, I experienced culture shock as university environment is very different compared to high school environment, especially when I come from ‘sekolah agama’. This is why my first semester’s result was not very good as I was still overwhelmed at the freedom that I have and I took it too easy. But that served as a lesson for me and my result improved in the following semesters till at last I finally achieved the Dean’s List last semester.

My family has always prioritized education. I am the eldest child and I have 4 siblings below me who are full-time students. The scholarship means so much to me and my family as it helps to reduce the financial burden for education. At least my parents have one less child to worry about, especially when my father is not working because of his health condition and my mother is a housewife. We appreciate all the help that we can get.

I am aiming to continue my Bachelor Degree at a top Malaysian university such as UM or UPM if I were to be given the opportunity to enrol in those universities next year. Thank you very much to Elena Cooke Education Fund for supporting me throughout my diploma. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be awarded with the scholarship and to continue my studies without having to worry about financial problems.

Yours sincerely,
(She is at the final stage of her course – a Diploma in Computer Science at Universiti Malaysia Pahang.)

Nurcassandra with her family


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