BAB 2019 Selection Committee

 BAB 2019 Selection Committee


Ms Lim Lai Hong

Ms Lim Lai Hong is an economics graduate with an MBA and retired from Bank Negara Malaysia in 2012. She worked in Bank Negara for 32 years serving in different central banking roles. She retired as Director of Learning, Design and Development, SEACEN (a regional central banking research and learning organization) of which Bank Negara Malaysia is a member. Currently, she is the CEO of FIDE FORUM, an association that works to enhance the governance practices and effectiveness of the Boards of banks and insurance companies in Malaysia.Lai Hong was a BBGS prefect and remembers her BBGS days as a time of character building, discipline, hard work and integrity. She is grateful to many BBGS teachers who passed on positive values and beliefs to her. Lai Hong herself required a scholarship to attend university, and is thus happy to contribute by being a member of the Scholarship Committee.

Ms. Fong Lai Leng

Ms. Fong Lai Leng

Ms Fong Lai Leng considers secondary school “the best years” of her school life. A thoroughbred BBGSian (Std 1 – Form 6), she lives by Miss Cooke’s maxim “always give your best in all you do.” Miss Cooke’s lessons on responsibility, dependability, independence and humility have stayed with her till today. Touched by Miss Cooke’s generosity, she counts it a privilege to volunteer in the education fund that perpetuates Miss Cooke’s legacy. Lai Leng brings with her corporate experience in multinational companies and her family business.

Dr. Ooi Sze Lay

Dr. Ooi Sze Lay

Dr. Ooi Sze Lay knows first-hand the importance of scholarships in achieving academic success for the marginalised. She depended on loans and scholarships to complete school and her dental course at Universiti Malaya to emerge the top dental student to win the coveted Tun Razak Gold Medal. Having seen how members of her extended families raised their social and economic status through hard work and academic achievements, Sze Lay is keen to play a role in the Elena Cooke Education Fund to perpetuate her former headmistress’ legacy of helping needy students to complete their education

Ms Teoh Pooi Boon

Ms Teoh Pooi Boon

Ms Teoh Pooi Boon pursued a career in music after completing her Sixth Form studies at BBGS. She holds a Licentiate of the Trinity College London teaching diploma and a teaching diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), London. She holds the BBGS school motto Nisi Dominus Frustra (Without God, All is in Vain) close to her heart till today. Her motivation for joining the Selection Committee is just “helping where help is needed.


Ms Jessie Vadiveloo

Ms Jessie Vadiveloo has spent a considerable number of years of her working life in the field of education, having taught Mass Communication in various colleges. Currently, she tutors English in the hope that she can help improve the language proficiency of the students of today apart from imparting the BBGS values of hard work and discipline. She also strongly believes that given the right environment and encouragement, students from disadvantaged backgrounds can succeed in life. Thus, her involvement in the selection committee. This belief is also translated into her other passion which is rescuing and rehoming abandoned dogs!


Ms Loke Ling Marn

Ms Loke Ling Marn discovered a fascination for numbers and things mathematical during her school years in BBGS. She pursued this interest in Universiti Malaya, culminating in a very satisfying journey with a post-graduate research paper in Nonlinear Regression. Nowadays she employs her analytical skills in a software company she owns with her husband.

Ms Dolly Chan

Ms Dolly Chan

Dolly Chan pursued a degree in Social Science at Universiti Sains Malaysia after completing her Form 6 at BBGS in 1975. She first joined the civil service as an Assistant Secretary in the External Affairs Division of the Ministry of Education, working in the Secretariat of the National Commission for UNESCO Malaysia. She then completed a Management Science course in INTAN and worked as an administrator in the Selangor Road Transport Department as well as the JPJ Headquarters. After 16½ years in the government service, she took optional retirement.Dolly was a “pure bred” BBGSian, including being in the Independent Kindergarten! What she appreciates most about BBGS were the good values & principles inculcated in the students. And she counts it an honour to be in the Selection Committee where she can participate in selecting deserving students to benefit from the generosity of the BBGS alumni.

Raja Yasmin

Raja Yasmin

Raja Yasmin Raja Jalil studied in BBGS from 1961-1973 (Form 6). An Economics graduate from the University of Malaya, she worked in the international and corporate divisions of a leading local bank before packing her bags to follow her diplomat husband on his overseas postings. Their tour of duty took them away from Malaysia for more than 20 years serving in Indonesia, Australia, USA, Papua New Guinea and Hungary (where her husband was also accredited to Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria). During that time, besides representing and promoting Malaysia, Yasmin was active in International Women Clubs, Asean Ladies Association and the Malaysian Ladies Association. She served in the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) in all their children’s international schools including the International School of Kuala Lumpur and on the Board of the American International School of Budapest.With all the interesting and ever challenging experiences abroad and at home, she hopes to contribute in a small way to the Elena Cooke Education Fund by being a member of the Selection Committee.

Lee KL

Ms Lee Kim Lian

Lee Kim Lian joined BBGS Primary School 2 in 1975 (Std 4). She finished Form 5 in 1982 and went on to do Form 6 in another school in KL.Kim Lian is currently a Senior Manager with a local insurance agency which is a subsidiary of the Aktiv Group, an international insurance broker headquartered in Munich, Germany. She oversees the agency’s accounts, human resources and operations.She is married with 2 girls and a boy. Kim Lian was one of the enthusiastic singers in the BBGS Choir at the 121st Anniversary Dinner on 11th October 2014.


Putri Juliani

Putri Juliani Johari is a Malaysian Learning Professional in the area of Human Capital Development – helping clients to address both learning and performance gaps. She has been a HRM and HRD manager, a Learning Facilitator and a Learning Specialist in a multinational company in Malaysia and has conducted training both locally and overseas.She has been active as an educator for more than 30 years in the areas of organisational behaviour and development and has made paper presentations in forums and conferences, both locally and regionally. A strong believer in learner centric and process facilitation approaches, Juliani advocates a strong educational foundation for all children and young adults in any society. Juliani completed Form 6 at BBGS in 1973.

Ms Wong Oi May

Ms Wong Oi May

Wong Oi May studied in BBGS from Standard 1 to Form 5 and in Victoria Institution for Form 6. Even from her kindergarten days, she had always wanted to be a teacher, inspired by her teachers in BBGS who were strict but dedicated and caring. They were willing to walk the second mile to help students and willing to nurture them to their fullest potential.She was grateful to be able to fulfil her ambition as a teacher after completing her course in Universiti Sains Malaysia. For more than ten years, she taught A – levels students in a private college, which she enjoyed. Due to family commitments, later, she could only teach part-time. In recent years, occasionally, she tutors students on a voluntary basis.

Mrs Sarina Cassidy (nee Loh Cheen Yeen)

Mrs Sarina Cassidy (nee Loh Cheen Yeen) retired in November 2014 from JPMorgan Chase Bank in Singapore where she was the Managing Director, Head of the Office of Secretary Asia, JPM. Located in various countries in Asia, the Office of Secretary Asia team managed the good governance and boards of the subsidiaries and branches of JPM in Asia doing banking, investment banking, broking and investment management advisory services and their holding companies. The team implemented local regulatory governance as well as US and EMEA regulatory requirements.In JPM, she was member, chair and co-chair of the JPM Women Interactive Network (WIN) in Hong Kong (where she was first based) and Singapore. WIN organised and provided a platform for women to meet and hear from global senior leaders, both men and women, on career development, achieving leadership levels and life balance. She was also a mentor to several young women within JPM.Cheen Yeen has legal training, with a degree in law from the University of London and has been called to the Malaysian Bar as well as the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister at Law, Middle Temple. She studied in BBGS from Primary 1 to Form 5.

Ms Chong Yun Ting


Ms Chong Yun Ting attended BBGS from primary to Form 5. After Form 6, she found her calling in music and, armed with qualifications from The Associated Board and Trinity College, London, she started to teach piano and theory full time. Fast forward to today, she continues to teach and retirement is not imminent. BBGS has taught her so much in all aspects and today she is able to pass on what she has learnt to her students. Through her passion for music and as a role educator, she finds a purpose in the ECEF Selection Committee. She is always thankful and holds fast to the motto “Nisi Dominus Frustra”.

Ms Sharmini Navaratnam


Ms Sharmini Navaratnam vividly remembers that BBGS inculcated in her the core values of discipline, courtesy, honesty and integrity coupled with a caring heart. This has served her well in her chosen profession as an advocate and solicitor for the past 30 years. She would now like to play a small part in helping needy students to pursue a career path they have a passion for but are handicapped due to financial constraints. What better way to honour the memory of Ms Elena M Cooke who Sharmini remembers well as she was from the Class of 1977, the year that Ms Cooke retired.

Ms Thong Kim Yoon

Ms Thong Kim Yoon is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.  She worked in Malaysia and Singapore and has experience in external and internal audit, management consultancy, corporate advisory as well as investment research and analysis.

She believes that promising students from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds should always be given an opportunity to realise their potential. It is towards this end that she agreed to do her part in the ECEF.

Ms Leong Set Fee

Ms Leong Set Fee has taken to heart the words from the BBGS School Song which, she says, pretty much sums up her ideas in life:

“Teach us delight in simple things,
And mirth that has no bitter springs”

Set Fee completed her primary and secondary education in BBGS, finishing Form 5 in 1974. Thereafter she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Ophthalmic Optics (Optometry) and a Master’s degree in Optometry. Having run her own business as an optometrist for many years, it may be rather apt for us to say that she will lend a good extra pair of eyes in the Selection Committee.

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