Every BBGS girl remembers coming into Form One to be confronted with choral speaking practices.  Choral speaking taught enunciation, team-work, tones and musicality in our voices.  How carefully the teachers selected each poem every year, searching for the one poem that is just long enough, with enough character and diversity to interest the dullest of us all.  How dreadful to be selected to do a solo piece in choral speaking, spending nights wondering if you would miss your cue, dreaming away as you stood with the rest, balancing on benches all the way behind because you were mid-height.

Dramas, dances and songs fill our days.  Food-fares came once a year, and the competitive spirit to sell the most number of cream-puffs or chicken macaroni soup gripped us as we each wanted our class to be the one with the highest sales/collection for the school building fund.  And when we finally had enough money to pay for the new gym, we wondered what the school would raise money for the next year.

School captains reigned.  But house captains were all the more important, for behind her, we win or lost.  No one wanted to be in the house with the losing streak.  How we shouted, and rallied behind the captains – all except some of us who preferred to be librarians hiding in the library because we really did hate the sun.  How clever we all became as librarians mending all sorts of torn and broken books with the smelliest of glue and gum!


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