Thank You from Mahalechumy

Farewell & Thank You from Mahalechumy

Mahalechumy, one of the 2021 Elena Cooke Education Fund scholars, has completed her Diploma In Animation Technology at the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

In a tragedy in 2019, Mahalechumy and her two brothers lost both their parents. The 3 orphans now live with their elderly aunt and uncle who have no children of their own.

She recently sent us a Farewell and Thank You note.


Happy New Year, thank you so much for your email and sorry for the late replies.


First of all, I finished my finals exams and internship too with full of my efforts, but nothing might be achieved without the help of the Elena Cooke Education Fund. When I was sixteen my parents left us to heaven. I was so clueless about everything and it was traumatizing. People started to question “how am I going to continue my higher education, who is going to support us?”. As I was a small girl with dreams, passions and trying my best to take care of my little brother, I first started to focus on my exams. Then in my SPM, I managed to get 7A’s despite having mental breakdowns and in the middle of the COVID pandemic.


Then I started to question myself “how am I really going to continue my studies as I don’t have much support to continue my education?” and that’s where I found ECEF. I am beyond grateful that this scholarship helped me not only take care of all my expenses including tuition fees but also to take care of my brother and my family.


The UTHM is honestly beyond my expectations as we are the first batch to this Animation course. We learned many things and improved ourselves with all the Pre-production and Production, as well as the Post-production works. I really enjoyed the course and met good souls there. Even for my Final Year Project, quite surprisingly I did Virtual Reality Video with my team. That education helped me to get good offers from a few companies to do my internship and it helped me a lot.


As I have finished my internship as well as my Diploma, I am planning to do my higher education overseas and looking for some scholarships too. I am still in the process of searching for a good university to improve my skills. I want to choose overseas to pursue my degree because they are well skilled and they have the job scope in the art industry that I am looking for here. Countries like France, UK and USA are providing mind blowing art education there, so I am going to try my luck to study arts over there.


I will officially graduate in July. Meanwhile, I am doing freelancing jobs like mural art, customizing arts and animations.


Lastly, I would like to say that I am truly grateful to the Elena Cooke Education Fund for guiding me and supporting me as a guardian after my parents. Hope our paths meet again. Thank you for your support. I have attached a few pictures of myself in this Diploma Journey.


With Love,

Mahalechumy Murugan



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