School Houses



All BBGS girls belonged to a School House, and wore their badges proudly as part of the school uniform. And what made it extra special was that our houses were named after school founders!
The house loyalties were especially strong during Sports Day when we would cheer ourselves hoarse during the different athletics & games events. The highlight was always the cheerleading competitions, where our bevy of house beauties would dance, sing, shout and parade in the most creative poses to win the competition.

Did you know that invitations to the BBGS sports day (via the Prefectorial Board, Librarians, Interact Club) was the most highly-traded item in KL boys’ schools? Heh…heh…must have been the cheerleaders skirts that started the bidding frenzy 😉

But despite the house rivalries, we always UNITED in one voice during the inter-school relay race singing.

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